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Living By number free essay sample

The rundown This case essentially clarifies about the problem that looked by Hafiz Hashim who is the CFO of MarineCorp Sdn Bhd (MarineCorp). This organization was consolidated in 1992 and was an auxiliary of SURIA. MarineCorp has two completely auxiliaries which are Green Port Sdn Bhd (GreenPort) and Sungai Emas Port Sdn Bhd. Its principle activity was the oceanic arrangements suppliers for the SURIA gathering of organizations like give marine counseling administrations to SURIA and its related temporary workers that incorporated those for recently vessels for upstream and downstream oil and gas tasks. There are a few issues happened which are the director who is leader of SURIA need Hafiz to utilize esteem based administration (VBM) strategy to assess execution assessment and examination of the workers dependent on monetary profit. By the by, hafiz has diverse feeling with the director. He felt that worth organization execution ought to be estimated dependent on venture make by value and obligations holders. We will compose a custom article test on Living By number or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page It implies that they have to see venture dependent on expected return and cost of capital acquired by organization. The hero The hero or leader for this case is Hafiz Hashim. He is the CFO of MarineCorp and capable to report the money related execution of MarineCorp and its two auxiliaries which are Green Port Sdn Bhd and Sungai Emas Port Sdn Bhd to the company’s board. The significant issues There are two primary issues looked by CFO of MarineCorp, Hafiz Hashim. First issue was when President of Suria had needed Value Based Management (VBM) to be utilized for the Suria Group, its auxiliaries and related organizations. Second, Hafiz was in a quandary whether to utilize monetary income as required by the Group or benefits as rehearsed by MarineCorp to report the money related execution of MarineCorp and its auxiliaries. The issue There are a few issues that have been identified occur in the association. To begin with, CFO confronted compelled from GM of Green Port and MarineCorp in regards to bookkeeping issues and they desire to improve company’s execution so them two could accomplished their exhibition pointer. With respect to GM of Green Port, Anita Osman, she had mentioned to the CFO to amortize the digging costs so as to improve the company’s benefit for the eventual benefits of the organization just as to accomplish her KPI target. Notwithstanding, CFO contended that cost of digging must be charged in the monetary year they were brought about. So also, GM of MarineCorp, Lee Chong Way, he couldn't help contradicting the suggestion proposed by CFO to deliver profits to its investor in light of the fact that the money assets are utilized to create premium pay on subsidize speculations. Also, the organization should concentrate on improving benefit as it is the fundamental assessment in company’s positioning. In any case, it is really his exhibition focus on that must be accomplished. Second, Chairman likewise mentioned him to rank the three organizations as far as their money related execution. Be that as it may, the inquiries emerge on how it ought to get estimated. For instance, use productivity as the sole estimation, distinguish better execution marker to guarantee reasonable assessment or decide explicit activity to improve execution. Notwithstanding to that, the executive underlined on the significance of clutching the gathering esteem drivers to guarantee endurance and achievement. Third, the Chairman had interrogated concerning the contention of the enrolled net benefit after expense for the period 2009. Through the CFO examination, he said that company’s really decimating its worth. Hence, executive urges him to propose on the most proficient method to improve the presentation of the organization since this logical inconsistency may influence the exhibition assessment of the GMs and CEO. The short portrayal of the case shows In view of the Appendix G, the organization execution has been estimated by Net Operating Profit after Tax (NOPAT), Average Invested Capital, Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and Capital Charged. Green Port has demonstrating the most elevated benefit, trailed by MarineCorp and Sungai Emas Port. Underestimate Based Management (VBM), Green Port has indicating a negative figure which is - 14,588,232, where by Sungai Emas Port and MarineCorp are 5,030,563 and 14,274,611 individually. This is demonstrated worth has obliterated for Green Port and Sungai Emas Port and MarineCorp are making an incentive for the organization.

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Psychology essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Brain research - Essay Example Nine months after the execution of these changes, an ongoing representative exhibition evaluation uncovered that worker execution and inspiration levels had diminished. This article will use the hypothesis of mental agreement and the attribution hypothesis to assess why the representatives are encountering the previously mentioned changes. These will be trailed by proposals that the firm could apply so as to enhance this circumstance. A mental agreement could be characterized as a lot of guarantees and convictions held by an individual representative about the conditions of the trade between the worker and their association, or the operator of the association (Wellin, 28). The mental agreement can be an intricate idea since it is an unwritten guideline that can't be straightforwardly communicated in a substantial manner. In any case, there have been contentions such that a breakdown of the mental agreement can bring about lackluster showing of individual specialists or of the association all in all (Anderson, 102). This can be brought about by a decrease in levels of association responsibility, absence of inspiration, nonattendance and participation issues and significant levels of staff turnover, some of which the monetary organization is as of now encountering. Being a mental as opposed to a lawful agreement, a mental agreement alludes to convictions about the arrangement rather than what is contained recorded as a hard copy inside the conventional business contract about the arrangement (Conway and Briner, 23). Penetrate is likely the most significant thought in mental agreement hypothesis since it is the primary method of seeing how the mental contact influences the sentiments, perspectives and practices of workers. A penetrate of the mental agreement happens when one gathering sees that different has neglected to satisfy guaranteed commitments. For this situation, the money related organization’s freeze on pay-rises and extra time installments joined with the freeze in practically all preparation could

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Back in Cambridge

Back in Cambridge Well, Im back at MIT after a lovely Thanksgiving in the land of the Pilgrims (and some good post-holiday shopping, too!). Adam and I took our friend Chris 09 back to Plymouth with us his dad works for the Department of Defense, so his family lives on Okinawa, and it would have been silly for him to fly all the way back there just to turn around and fly back here. So instead he came to Plymouth with us on his first visit to an American suburb. We took the commuter rail out of South Station on Wednesday afternoon, after I finished up two more grad school apps (eek!) and Adam had finished a 16.100 (Aerodynamics) lab. We got to Plymouth in time to laze around and watch War of the Worlds with Adams dad (um, lame movie) and crash into bed early (that 5/3 of a day thing I talked about last time). I woke up Thursday morning with Adams best friend from high school, Malox (actual name: Alex), towering over me. Malox had come to collect Adam for the annual Plymouth North/Plymouth South football game, even though it was pouring rain and freezing. I elected to stay in bed. After I finally dragged myself into some clothes and makeup, Adams relatives came over and we had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner not as good a Thanksgiving dinner as Im sure my family had back in Ohio, but dont tell Adam I said that. Friday was, of course, shopping day, and we got to introduce Chris to good old American consumerism. I bought presents for my mom, my brother, and my dog. I also found a great little sleeper for the baby daughter of my best friend from high school (Im from Ohio, okay?) its a white sleeper with blue and green glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs. (Yes, I bought a dinosaur sleeper for a girl. And why not? Girls are allowed to think dinosaurs are cool too.) After shopping, Adams mom needed to get some more money from the bank, so we stopped by the drive-through window (you know, the one with that vacuum tube that you put the check in). Chris was very excited about this tube. I think it may be the thing he currently likes best about America that and the beautiful people who work at Hollister. After shopping, I wanted to go see Rent, but I got outvoted, and we went out to dinner with Adams family, then over to Adams friend Jimbos (real name: James) and hung out around a bonfire. We came home and lounged in the hot tub on Adams roof and pointed out various constellations and nebulae to Chris. On the way back up to Cambridge this afternoon, Adams mom stopped at Walmart and bought us groceries hooray for moms! So Adam and I came back and made homemade pasta sauce, and now were curled up with the illegal space heater under a fuzzy blanket watching TV movies. Yay for holidays! A question, not really answered: 1. Dalia asked why ingesting carbs makes you tired. This is a very hand-wavy explanation, but I suspect that its due primarily to the sharp increase in blood glucose after a carb meal high blood sugar is supposed to make you tired, although Im not really sure why. I think it probably also has something to do with the spike in brain serotonin that occurs after a carb-rich meal new research in the works from Dr. Wurtman, my 9.15 (Biochemistry and Pharmacology of Synaptic Transmission) professor, suggests that eating a carb-rich meal transiently raises your brain serotonin as much as a dose of Prozac. True story! 2. Dave asked if my family really cuts down our own Christmas tree. Yup! We go to a tree farm a few miles down the (dirt) road from my house. Last year, when Adam came home with me, I handed him a saw and said Make me proud, city boy! Heh.

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What Factors Make Up A Superstar Of A Generation Essay

What factors make up a superstar of a generation? A superstar is made after years of hard work, motivation, dedication and practice. Very few people know the story behind a superstar. Michael Jackson, also known as the King of Pop, was the greatest musician and dancer the world had ever known. In society, we only appreciate what the media wants us to appreciate. The story, â€Å"Back in the Day† by John Jeremiah Sullivan, was written post World War II. It illustrates the pop culture ruled by Michael Jackson and the collage of his excellence and absurdity. Sullivan talks about Sexism – sex oppression and celebrity – media scrutiny faced by Michael Jackson. â€Å"The Idea of Michael Jackson’s Dick† by Steve Almond is a made up story, but it had elements of reality. This story talks about Michael’s confusion about his race, gender and the way he handles his celebrity life. Michael Jackson came from a family full of entertainers with an extremely aggressive stage – dad. Michael Jackson always wanted super stardom which he achieved through his hard work. Although he was talented and always in the limelight, he had a lonely life which was full of contradictions. Michael Jackson was the living proof of a superstar’s life portrayed in public. Since he was extremely fragile and had a sensitive personality along with emotional problems, it was really hard for him to handle societal pressures. Hilton Als talks about Michael Jackson’s upbringing as a child and the difficulties he faced toShow MoreRelatedMichael Jordan Research Paper1553 Words   |  7 Pagesdrives to the basket. Other players liked to distribute the ball to the open man, but Jordan enjoyed attacking the basket and working for his points. â€Å"The impact of Jordan’s game was so profound that the league decided to change the rule of the game and make it more interesting and enjoyable by discouraging the defenders to stay within the lane for three seconds.†(Kovacs). Many players, black or white, started working on developing the same attributes as Jordan. â€Å"Suddenly, basketball became less aboutRead MoreElvis s Impact On Popular Culture1741 Words   |  7 PagesElvis’s Impact on Popular Culture The foundations of today’s popular music were built by an unlikely source: a poor white boy from Tupelo, Mississippi. Elvis Presley’s country roots would become a major factor in his success as the King of Rock and Roll. While it is true that Elvis was not the inventor of rock and roll music, he was the first man to introduce postwar youth to the genre that would revolutionize American culture. The role Elvis Presley played in the evolution of popular music is unprecedentedRead MoreWwe Case Study4810 Words   |  20 Pagesnot always been easy, having seen its share of new competitors in the wrestling industry, various legal disputes, and failed ventures into other territories. The brand found itself coming out of a five year slump that was a result of a lack of a superstar that could carry its reputation. Currently, the WWE is trying to recapture the energy that built them. Efforts to do so have come in the form of more live events, producing movies, subscription services to access past content. After thoroughly examiningRead MoreAthletes And Professional Sports Athletes914 Words   |  4 Pagesrespect there comes consequences with taking steroids, particularly with getting caught, these matters can be a problem for the sports athletes trustworthiness, short term health problems, personal wellness, wrong case in point for America’s younger generation and America’s self image. Consequently for an athlete’s overall wel l being, engaging in illegal substance should not be his or her ideal priorities. To begin with athletes never should use steroids for the health and well being of his/herRead MoreExecutive Salaries And What It Means To The United States Essay1185 Words   |  5 PagesExecutive Salaries and What it Means to our Economy The economy of the United States is by far the largest and most powerful economy in the entire world. The average family income is roughly $40,000 a year and our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is well over 10 trillion dollars. The next closest country is Japan with 4 trillion dollars of total GDP.(Johnson Wales: Economics) The United States has so many large corporations it takes someone to run each one and it also take a lot of money to payRead MoreThe Human Obsession Essay853 Words   |  4 Pagestelevision in the middle of the twenty-first century, can certainly be joked about now, however, this was only the spark that lit the flame. Families like the Cleaver’s, the Nelson’s, the Osmond’s and the Brady’s were put on screen to show our world what everyone’s life should be like. They had good children, nice homes, and every episode taught some lesson in mortality. Every wife wanted to be just like June or Harriet. Every teenager wanted to be Greg or Marsha. Society felt that they could beRead MorePopular Culture Affect Gender and Sexuality1388 Words   |  6 PagesGender is a sociological factor which is a set of relationships, attributes, roles, beliefs and attitudes of human. On the other hand, sexuality can be referred into two traits. First is Biological; second is Physiological. Biological trait is about the difference of sex organs, the production of estrogen or testosterone. Physiological trait is about the difference of facial features, size of bones, shoulders, muscles, fatty issues. According to American Psychological Association, gender and sexualityRead MoreHoop Dreams : Dream Deferred2370 Words   |  10 Pagesrecruited from different parts of Chicago, but they came together to begin their freshman year at St. Joseph’s High School, the institution that built Basketball superstar Isaiah Thomas. Both Arthur and William begin their journey in a similar manner, but were exposed to the complexity of t heir dream, their education, and negative societal factors that ultimately change the course of their lives. Criminological Examination Criminology, as defined, is the scientific approach to conducting an in depth analysisRead MoreLeadership Is The Act Of Motivating And Guiding1234 Words   |  5 Pageshave the means to drive any willing organization and make it successful. Willing is included because leadership seeks to eliminate unease and help the group visualize objectives and begin working fluently towards that initiative. Good leadership can envision and empower a group focusing it to overcome and prosper. Good guidance can turn underachievers into all-stars or take the misdirected group of all-stars and focus them into a team of superstars. They eliminate the value of titles and work to includeRead MoreEssay about Future Psychology1621 Words   |  7 Pagesserial killings, muggings, and smog. Times change. Many of todayamp;#8217;s accepted virtues might one day be judged as crimes against humanity and nature, which leads to the question: What kind of world do you want to live in? Our ancient habit is to stumble backwards into the future. We feel that we as individuals make little difference, as if history and the future just happen at us. Obscure plans, which have guided people forward in the past, have now rendered themselves useless. There are no known

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10 Roommate Gift Ideas That Wont Blow Your Budget

Even though you sometimes know more about your roommate than anyone else on campus, finding the perfect gift can still be challenging. Fortunately, with a little creative thinking, you can get your male or female roommate the perfect holiday, birthday, or farewell gift without blowing your budget. Something Only  You Know They Need You may see your roommate struggling with something that has been well-loved for a little too long. It could be a new hair dryer, a new towel set, a new shower caddy, or generally anything they use frequently. Something of Yours That Theyre Always Borrowing Your rain boots, favorite shirt, jeans, cute black pumps, or basketball may technically be yours, but seem to have been adopted by your roommate lately. Give them a new, similar product of their own so they can enjoy it without worrying—and without having to check with you first. A Gift Certificate to Their Favorite Restaurant On or Off Campus Does your roommate always walk around with a Starbucks coffee, Jamba Juice smoothie, or burger from the place across the street? Consider getting a small gift certificate to a place you know they already love. A Gift From the Campus Bookstore Because honestly, who minds having another t-shirt, sweatshirt, or pair of comfy pants with your school logo on them? A Small Gift Every Day of Their Birthday  Week This is a great option if youre a little short on cash. You can surprise your roommate with something fun every day of their birthday week: their favorite candy bar placed on their computer keyboard one day, a box of their favorite cereal the next. A New Laptop Bag/Backpack/Gym Bag/Purse/etc College students are notoriously rough on their bags. And, given that you share living quarters, youve probably seen the worst of the worst when it comes to how your roommate treats their backpack, gym bag, etc. Consider getting them a replacement or even just an extra one for when things get really ugly. Some of Their Favorite Personal Products Does your roommate have a favorite perfume? Cologne? Brand of flip-flops theyre always wearing? Grab an extra one, throw it in a gift bag, and ... voila! Instant personal roommate gift. A Book by Their Favorite Author or on Their Favorite Topic Chances are, your roommate has some passions and interests that they dont get the chance to read about just for pleasure. Surprise them with something theyll enjoy without having to worry about writing a paper on later. A Simple Electronic Device to Make Life Easier You can never have too many thumb drives, phone chargers, or earphones. These inexpensive electronics make for great, inexpensive gifts. A Gift Certificate to Their Favorite Website Does your roommate love iTunes? An online game? Consider getting them a gift certificate that they can use electronically. Added bonus: These make great last-minute gifts since theyre often delivered instantly.

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Rate of Evaporation- Research Paper Free Essays

Internal Assessment: Rate of Evaporation Ann George Mr. Frias/4th Period Wheeler High School Research Question How will changing the molar mass of alcohol affect the rate of evaporation, represented by the change in temperature over time, measured using a temperature probe? Research/Abstract Alcohol is an organic compound in which the hydroxyl functional group, OH, is bound to a carbon atom. Its carbon center should be saturated; it should have single bonds to three other atoms. We will write a custom essay sample on Rate of Evaporation- Research Paper or any similar topic only for you Order Now The different types of alcohols are determined by the kinds of CH2 groups while the number of CH2 groups there are tells you the volume of the alcohol. The acyclic alcohols are the most basic and one of the most important groups of alcohol. The general formula of acyclic alcohols is: CnH2n+1OH. There are different types of acyclic alcohols. The most commonly used form of acyclic alcohol is ethanol which is a clear, volatile, flammable liquid that boils at 78. 4?. It is used as an industrial solvent, car fuel, and as raw materials in the chemical industry. Ethanol is widely used as a solvent for human contact or consumption, including perfumes, flavorings, colorings, and medicines. Another type of acyclic acid is methanol, and it is also the simplest sort of alcohol. It is a clear liquid that resembles ethanol is odor and properties, but it has a slightly lower boiling point of 64. 7?. Methanol is mainly used as a solvent, antifreeze, raw materials, fuel, or as a denaturant for ethanol. Unlike ethanol, methanol is extremely toxic since one sip of methanol can cause permanent blindness. Two other kinds of acyclic acid are propan-2-ol and butan-1-ol. Just like ethanol, these two types of alcohols can be produced by the fermentation process. Propan-2-ol is a colorless, flammable chemical compound with a strong odor. It is the simplest kind of secondary alcohol which occurs when an alcohol carbons is attached to two other carbons. Butan-1-ol is a primary alcohol with a four carbon structure. Butan-1-ol is part of the group of â€Å"fusel alcohols† which has more than two carbon atoms and is soluble in water. It is used as an artificial flavoring that is present in many types of food and beverages such as butter, cream, ice cream, and candy. Pentan-1-ol is a 5 carbon atom. It is a colorless liquid with an unpleasant aroma. This alcohol can be prepared by the fractional distillation of fusel oil. Some uses for pentan-1-ol include being used as a solvent for coating CDs and DVDs, and it is also used as a replacement for gasoline. Each of these acyclic alcohols has a general formula as follows: ethanol is C2H5OH, methanol is CH3OH, propan-2-ol is C3H7OH, butan-1-ol is C4H9OH, and pentan-1-ol is C5H11OH. Evaporation is a type of vaporization that occurs only on the surface of a liquid. For molecules of a liquid to evaporate, they must be located near the surface, be moving in the proper direction, and have sufficient kinetic energy to overcome the liquid phase intermolecular forces. Since the kinetic energy of a molecule is proportional to its temperature, evaporation occurs more quickly at higher temperatures. As the faster moving molecules escape, the remaining molecules have a lower average kinetic energy, so the temperature of the liquid decreases. Also, evaporation tends to occur more quickly on liquids with higher vapor pressure. Alcohol evaporates faster than water because water has extensive hydrogen bonding between its molecules which results in its high boiling point whereas in alcohol, amount of hydrogen bonding is smaller as compared to water. This makes the boiling point of alcohol less than water. A major factor that tells the rate of evaporation is the intermolecular forces between the molecules. The stronger the forces’ keeping the molecules in a liquid state, the more energy needs to escape. Other factors that affect the rate of evaporation include the concentration in the air since air that has a high concentration of the substance will evaporate more slowly. Surface also plays an important part in the evaporation process because substances with a larger surface area will evaporate faster, as there are more surface molecules that are able to escape. Denser objects take longer to evaporate as well. The pressure of an object also effects evaporation since evaporation happens faster if there is less exertion on the surface keeping the molecules from launching themselves. The formula to determine the evaporation rate of a substance is as follows. Change in Temperature Change in Time Rate of Evaporation= In measuring the evaporation rate of a liquid, a temperature probe is most commonly used to calculate the decrease in temperature. If the evaporation rate occurs quickly, the temperature will also decrease quickly. Hypothesis For determine the rate of evaporation of a substance, the change in temperature is divided by the change in time. Among the five previously mentioned alcohols, methanol, ethanol, propan-2-ol, butan-1-ol, and pentan-1-ol, the rate of evaporation for the methanol will be faster. Methanol will evaporate more quickly because its intermolecular forces are the smallest since it has the lowest relative molecular mass. This shows that the molecules in methanol can easily evaporate. The butan-1-ol will evaporate the slowest because it has the highest molecular mass of all the alcohols given, so it therefore has the greatest intermolecular force of attraction. If the molecules’ properties are the same, then the intermolecular forces of attraction are proportional to the relative molecular mass. So as the molar mass increases, the rate of evaporation decreases. Materials/Safety * Safety goggles * 4 beakers, each one with a number from 1-4 * Methanol, ethanol, butan-1-ol, propan-2-ol poured into separate beakers * Pentan-1-ol * Xplorer GLX Pasco PasPort PS-2002 * Temperature probe Procedure For this lab we were to find the rate of evaporation for the five types of alcohols mentioned from above. First we put on our safety goggles to protect our eyes from the aforementioned alcohols since they could cause irritation in our eyes. Next we set up our Xplorer GLX PasPort PS-2002 to graph. After that, we dipped the tip of our temperature probe into the first beaker of alcohol until the graph flat lined. Once that occurred, we removed the temperature probe from the alcohol and held it above the beaker until the graph on the Xplorer GLX Pasco PasPort PS-2002 started to decline, ndicating that the liquid was cooling off since it was evaporating. This process was repeated for the remaining alcohols. Finally, the temperature change of the alcohols was divided by the time it took for the temperature change, so we could calculate the rate of evaporation for the alcohols to figure out the identity of the alcohols. Data Table/Observations | Change in Temperature| Change in Ti me| Rate of Evaporation| Type of Alcohol| Liquid 1| 7. 1? | -18. 5| -. 384| Methanol| Liquid 2| 2. 9? | -51| -. 059| Propan-2-ol| Liquid 3| 1. 1? | -64| -. 712| Butan-1-ol| Liquid 4| 5. 9? | -65| -. 0908| Ethanol| Liquid 5 (mystery)| 2. 4? | -34. 5| -. 0696| Pentan-1-ol| Figure 1: This figure represents the data that was collected throughout the experiment. For each of the five liquids, we determined the change in temperature, the change in time, the rate of evaporation, and finally using all the data that we has gathered we determined the type of alcohol that the liquids were. When we received the different beakers with different types of alcohols, the alcohols all looked same since they are all colorless liquids. We found the change in temperature was the part of the graph from when the graph flat lined at the top to when the line went down and just starts to come up. This part of the graph is the temperature change because when the temperature line begins to decrease, it indicates that the liquid is evaporating. We knew that the liquid was evaporating since when evaporation occurs, the molecules change into a gaseous state therefore absorbing heat. When the molecules absorb the heat, it cools down the surrounding environments temperature. Evaporation was complete when we noticed the temperature start to increase again on the graph. The temperature increase indicated that the area from where the liquid had evaporated was starting to get back to the room’s temperature. We also found the time it took for the temperature to change so that we could figure out the evaporation rate for each of the liquids. Results/Analysis The results of the experiment are as follows. Liquid 1 had an evaporation rate of -. 384, liquid 2 had an evaporation rate of -. 059, liquid 3 had an vaporation rate of -. 0172, liquid 4 had an evaporation rate of -. 0908, and liquid 5 had an evaporation rate of -. 0696. Once we determined the evaporation rate, we used that to figure out the identity of each type of liquid. The higher the evaporation rate was, the lower the molecular mass was for each of the alcohols. There were instances throughout the experiment were possible errors could have occurred. One such instance is when we took the temper ature probes out of the liquids, so that the liquid would evaporate. If we took out more liquid on one of the liquids then it would have taken longer for that liquid to evaporate than the others. Also if we waved the temperature probe in the air, then the liquid might have evaporated faster than it was supposed to. Another factor that affects the evaporation rate is if fresh air is moving over the substance all the time, then the concentration of the substance in the air is less likely to go up with time, thus encouraging faster evaporation. Conclusions Our conclusions were right because as seen from our results, as the molar mass decreased the rate of evaporation for the substance increased. This is because more energy escapes if the forces that are keeping the molecules together in a liquid state are stronger. This also represents that the evaporation rate of a liquid is inversely proportional to the molecular masses of the substances. Even though this does not full represent the relationship between the evaporation rate and the number of carbon chains that are in the alcohols, it supports the fact that they are inversely proportional. 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Christian Worldview Holy Spirit View

Question: Discuss about the Christian Worldview for Holy Spirit View. Answer: Inspiration of the Holy Spirit over a believer: The inspiration of the Holy Spirit works together with the task of the church; hence it is impossible to think them apart. Of course, I never enjoy and understand the definition of happiness while I visit the Disneyland, but surely the presence of the Holy Spirit felt on a gloomy day. I felt that whenever I lay my belief on the Holy Spirit, he always showed me the path and does the necessity to pull me up from the difficult situation. Sometimes I experience the fresh wind on a gloomy and downcast situation which gives enough prove of the presence of the Holy Spirit. The presence provides positive feelings which includes love, comfort, and even joy enabling the believers to spread the message that God is present and will look after us to pull us up from difficulties. The Holy Spirit doesnt provide a scope to grow any negative feelings like arrogance or burnout. So, I perfectly know that without the presence of the Holy Spirit, it is impossible to make a count of the deeds in Gods king dom. Holy Spirit determining the presence of the God: Sometimes I hear that the Christian people talks about things as done by Jesus and that now it is our turn to do the part like Jesus. I even hear that the beautiful aspect of the nature includes the signs of fire and air; bird's brooding over waters to bring on new life. The general duty inherited by mankind explains that must help preserve the beautiful signs to feel the presence of God within us. The presence of such beautiful things in the earth enables me to think that there is a presence of God within the presence of the Holy Spirit. Paul, the ancient Christian writer, explains that we are the inheritance guaranteed by God. We are the migrants or exodus from Jesus and that itself is the evidence about the existence of Holy Spirit within the presence of God.